Spring Term 2019

3rd January to 5th April

Half term:
18th to 22nd February (weekday daytime classes only)

Summer Term 2019

23rd April to 22nd July (weekday daytime classes only)

and Saturday 3rd August (evening and Saturday classes)

27th May to 31st May
(weekday daytime classes only)

The studio will close for four weeks for the summer break from Monday 5th August, apart from the Monday evening classes which will continue to run through August (apart from the Bank Holiday Monday on 26th August), to make up for those missed when the Bank Holiday falls on a Monday.

Autumn Term 2019

2nd September to 21st December

28th October to 1st November (weekday daytime classes)

The studio will close for two weeks over the Christmas break from Monday 23rd December to Sunday 5th January, re-opening on Monday 6th January 20221st