Getting fit has never been so chilled and enjoyable! The Pilates Room creates a really nice mood in the class with their friendly but firm teaching techniques, you feel motivated to do well and keep improving!
— Catherine Ramsden

“I have been attending classes at the Pilates Room for some time and feel much stronger and more toned than I have for years. The class is very small, relaxed, personal and friendly...”
— Martha Bruce

These classes are the best I have attended. They are varied, well-prepared, and cater for all ranges of ability and age. The atmosphere is always warm ,friendly, and welcoming. I thoroughly recommend them.
— Sandra Joseph

“I find Pilates incredibly helpful in alleviating and controlling the back pain that I used to suffer from. The classes are always varied and the exercises are tailored to the needs of the individuals and their particular requirements.”
— Graham Mallett

Pilates for me means more suppleness of joints and spine. As a sufferer of osteo-arthritis I am constantly amazed at the benefits of practising regular Pilates, i.e. - living mainly pain-free and noticeably improved flexibility in the sacrum area. More people of the 50+ age group should be encouraged to come along to the Pilates Room!
— Vicky Mills

I’ve been coming to Pilates Room classes since it opened. The classes combine a thorough core workout with lovely mental relaxation, which is much needed after a stressful day at work! However, the greatest thing is that I’m often asked if I have lost weight! It’s certainly strengthened my core muscles, which has made my jeans fit better, and I can also say my posture has significantly improved.
— Vanessa Mallet

“I have been going to The Pilates Room now for about seven years. The instructors are fantastic and are incredibly experienced. Having tried other classes which were often over crowded, I love the small and intimate class size that The Pilates Room offers, with a maximum of just nine per class. The instructors always make you feel very relaxed and allow everyone to work at their own pace, offering a variety of different levels. The studio is very well equipped and the instructor will always come round to check your positions and offer alternatives and answer any queries. Pilates is perfect for any age, both men and women (I go with my mother and decorator!) and it has helped me stay supple and gain strength. “
— Sarah James

The Pilates Room has, and no exaggeration, in three months changed my life! Having had three children in three years and no time for any exercise other than carting kids and buggies my body had lost all core strength and flexibility. I was struggling with constant back pain, muscle strains and sciatica. I knew absolutely nothing about Pilates but 12 weekly sessions later the aches and pains are infinitely better, I feel a million times stronger, walk taller and I’m regaining tone and suppleness. Not only are the classes hugely enjoyable, a chance to zone out and concentrate on me for an hour, but the instructors are fantastic - calm, clear and encouraging, helping you progress well but never pushing you beyond your abilities. I’d go every day if I could!
— Amy Robbins

We have thoroughly enjoyed attending our classes over the last five years. They are great fun and we have always found the instructors to be knowledgeable and conscious of health concerns.
— Caroline and Stuart Walker